With advances in technology, the ability to performed minimal invasive surgery such as laparoscopic surgery is improved. Better equipment designed to overcome the short comings of laparoscopic surgery improves the ability to perform laparoscopic surgery in conditions where previously was not possible.

Robotic surgery aims to overcome some of the short comings of laparoscopic surgery.┬áIt offers a stable, magnified camera system that also offers 3D view for the surgeon. It also offers articulated instrument hands that gives the surgeon better movement in tight spaces. The articulated instrument aims to mimic the movement of a surgeon’s wrist. This is a great advantage over standard laparoscopic instruments. The robotic system also removes all tremor from the surgeon’s hand to improve precision and control.

The surgery is performed using the da Vinci robotic system which has four separate arms, one for the camera and three for various instruments. The instrument are placed into the patient via ports similar to those in laparoscopic surgery. The surgeon takes full control of the instruments via a surgeon’s console which translates the surgeon’s hand movements to the “wristed” instruments.